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Oriental Morning Post reported on March 1 , gucci bags outlet for the landing gear system failure occurred MA60 aircraft , the CAA requires the implementation of the revised Airlines aircraft flight manual , to check on the 15 aircraft parked field inspections to ensure flight safety. Li Jun , deputy director of the Civil Aviation Authority introduced yesterday in Beijing , gucci bags on sale the current progress of the investigation in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority issued a three airworthiness directive requiring airlines to perform the revised aircraft flight manual , for MA60 aircraft has reached the 6400 landing of the aircraft parked field inspection or replacement lock NLG upper and lower lock baffle , for all aircraft landing gear signal is checked. Currently , you need to check the car park totaling 15 cheap gucci bags aircraft , two involving domestic happiness and Okay Airways, as well as Laos, the Philippines , Zimbabwe and Bolivia four airlines. "Indeed there are defects on the improvement" Within a month, domestic MA60 turboprop aircraft gucci bags replica has experienced two incidents . February 4 , happiness Airlines MA60 landing gear failure in Zhengzhou , causing the nose touching the ground ; 21 days, Okay Airways flight models with landing gear indicator signal failure occurs , the pilot was unable to determine whether the landing gear has been put down to normal . Aircraft circling in the air for two hours of fuel consumption , making landing preparations. Meanwhile, the flight also tried a low level passes , airport ground support personnel to help visually inspect the landing gear state. After confirmation , the flight eventually landed safely . Okay Airways , a senior, said the cause of the malfunction of the aircraft landing gear lights in a display system failure . He stressed that there is no problem landing gear itself . After the accident, XAC February 27 stressed that gucci tote bags the airworthiness authorities will report as soon as possible , the proposed temporary part of the new boat grounded 60 aircraft , in-depth analysis of the reasons , the development of measures to be carried out on the landing gear indication system signal comprehensive inspection , confirm the safety and reliability , and then return to flight . General manager of XAC , total manufacturing division Grand Canal , said signal indicative of the landing gear system is self-developed , from the technical terms, the reliability of the technical level is not high . "So we are checking to verify . Ensure the airworthiness authorities in accordance with Chinese standards, especially safety standards to witness the inspection , if indeed there is defective , we will improve ." Need to reach 6400 landing National Civil Aviation Authority yesterday issued a real gucci bagsnotice that the fault for the two MA60 aircraft from occurring , based on the current progress of the investigation of the three airworthiness directives issued . Require airlines to execute the revised aircraft flight manual , car park to check or replace the front landing gear upper and lower lock lock baffle has reached the 6400 landing of the aircraft , all aircraft landing gear annunciator checks to ensure flight safety . "According to the Civil Aviation Authority said, in fact, there are two methods of operation ." An aviation industry source said , reaching 6400 landing of the aircraft, airport or stay in the dock now , according to the Civil Aviation Authority out of range , the aircraft targeted examination . Or direct replacement parts list . "Checking and replacing the use of working hours will be some differences, but no matter how the process ultimately must pass an official inspection , it may re-enter the aircraft carrier ." Okay Airways said the landing gear problem similar incident the same day , the company is operating more than 30,000 hours MA60 aircraft happened two or three times , almost always signal a problem , and even light bulbs damage. XAC mentioned two incidents yet has no effect on aircraft orders and deliveries of the new boat . At the end of last year, the MA60 aircraft received a total of more than 210 domestic and foreign orders , delivery 16 countries , 27 users, 88 aircraft , most of the users are delivered to foreign customers. Yesterday, Okay Airways and happiness aviation-related person in charge , said in an interview , respectively , in the BK2870 flight landing gear failure resulting in the case of MA60 grounded , the company continues to introduce this year's MA60 aircraft remains unchanged . Okay Airways responsible person, the company currently gucci bag saleoperates 11 MA60 aircraft , this year will introduce two new boat 60. Happiness aviation-related responsible person also said that the company currently operates eight MA60 aircraft , currently operating normally. This year will be the introduction of four . Reporter learned from relevant channels , the MA60 grounded , next week, there will be hundreds of domestic flights , over a thousand passengers affected. Among them, including by the Harbin Okay Airways flights to Jiamusi BK2805 happiness by the Hefei Huangshan JR1551 aviation and other flying . According to relevant regulations , aviation enterprises should be returned to all ticketed passengers ticketed .